Take Care of Your Eyes and At the Same Time Maximize Productivity with This Pomodoro Technique Based App that Will Keep You Focused

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These days, focusing on work for increased efficiency is by far one of the most difficult tasks, considering there are so many available distractions, which come in various shapes and sizes. However, those who do manage to successfully concentrate on their work, often forget to take care of their eyes. Pomy is a productivity app that tackles things differently, by emphasizing the importance of resting your eyes, before attaining better productivity.

Pomodoro-based timer that makes good use of its looks to catch your attention

We’ve all been there, at least a couple of times in our lives. Trying to concentrate for a task, assignment, exam or another activity, when procrastination suddenly creeps in and prevents us from reaching our goal…

There are many techniques available for preventing such issues, and by far the most popular is the Pomodoro technique, which is exactly what this stylish app uses. 20 minute interval sessions of work, followed by 20 second rest breaks. Having an app reminding you about this routine is very useful and Pomy manages to do so very well.

Stay safe and avoid long-term eye strain thanks to the screen overlay that prompts on a regular time interval

It is no secret that neglecting your eyes when dwelling too deep into your work can lead to long-term eyesight damage. Having this in mind, the developer of this app focused its main working principle around imposing regular breaks, when users are encouraged to look away from their screens, in order to relax their eyes.

When the elapsed time finishes, the app will automatically prompt a screen overlay that will remind users to look away.

Thoughtful app that will make you ponder about your eyes’ health and at the same time train you to increase your concentration

This software solution not only manages to maintain your eyes in top working condition, but it also gives an important lesson in terms of productivity, by using the 20 minutes work/20 seconds break succession technique.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Pomy and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂