master Productivity Through the Use of This Application that Measures Your Activity and Offers Some Statistics and Analysis Results

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People who are having a rough time maintaining a productive level for a particular professional activity or just when dwelling into a personal project could require a practical solution for measuring and improving productivity. Resultivity will provide users with the means to record their productivity, set goals, tasks and use a step-by-step process for improving work efficiency and suppressing lost time.

An interactive interface that ensures user attention and interest towards productivity

The application features several, step-by-step progression screens that first allow for setting up the time measurement method. Once the timer has been activated, the focusing module will be active and counting “focused” time until users choose to take a break.

Breaks and idle times are also available, and users will be able to pause the working session at any time or enter the “Idle” mode. The time spent in the active, focused mode can be “packed,” and the app will present the amount of time wasted as well as the outcome: focused or distracted.

Progress levels-based system for a motivating productivity plan

When re-opening the application, users will always be greeted with statistics concerning the results for the last session, and a dedicated history feature is also present, for searching for older entries. A cool, reward-based system, using “resultivity” points will be in action during the application’s runtime.

The time interval for the various “focused”, “distracted” or “break” modules can also be individually set, this way offering users the flexibility to tweak the productivity plan according to their preferences.

Good application measuring, analyzing and improving users’ productivity and attention span

Those who seek a way to increase their productivity by resorting to a step-by-step process can use the features provided by Resultivity. It will offer the possibility to measure activity times, see the wasted time and improve productivity through a points-based assessment system.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Resultivity and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂