Print Standard Addresses, Labels and Return Addresses on A Wide Variety of Envelope Sizes Using This Lightweight and Intuitive App

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If you are the kind of person who usually prepares and sends greeting cards to friends and family, then you are likely to need a tool to help you manage contacts and print out envelopes.

As the name suggests,Β SSuite Envelope PrinterΒ is a utility that enables you to print letters and parcel labels quickly and effortlessly.

Fast installation and intuitive UI

The application does not require any special input, so you can just extract the archive and it is ready to print. The user-friendly interface enables you to select an envelope size, specify the input feed type and write or copy the addressee details from the clipboard.

You should know that the application allows you to get a general idea about how the label or address looks like on the envelope before printing it. While it includes useful features and it is intuitive, the interface appears slightly outdated.

Includes an easy to use address book

Since the role of the program is to make things easier for you, it incorporates an address book where you can add all details regarding the friends, colleagues and other useful contacts you keep in touch with.

You simply add the information once, so it is available for printing at a special event or other important dates. The application enables you to include a picture and write notes about your contact, an option that can be helpful in the long run. On a side note, you can save your entire address book in a XLM or CSV format.

Comes with basic settings for printing

The application does not include extensive customization option, so you can only specify the font, color and add a simple effect (underline and strikeout).

You can print your entire address book at once, a feature that can prove useful when you are in charge of purchasing gifts for your co-workers, for instance.

A good tool for anyone sending letters and parcels frequently

Irrespective of whether you are organizing a company event or regularly send greeting cards to your loved ones, the program can lend you a hand with preparing the envelopes for printing.

SSuite Envelope Printer can be handled with ease and can be a good tool for anyone who enjoys sending cards, letters, and envelopes.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used SSuite Envelope Printer and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚