change the Look of Your System and Customize the Desktop Appearance by Modifying the Style of Windows, Bars, and Buttons with This Tool

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Enhancing the appearance of Windows can be a really challenging job, especially for power users who usually attempt to change every single part of the operating system. Less experienced users now have a chance to do exactly the same thing without getting too deep into technical stuff thanks toΒ WindowBlinds.

This application has been specifically developed to change Windows’ interface, offering an absolutely great bundle of tools, each of them supposed to modify in detail the operating system.

Basically, WindowBlinds has the power to change Windows’ look completely, including the visual style, the wallpaper, screensavers, sounds, desktop icons and many, many other things.

While testing it, we weren’t confined in using only the standard themes included in the package so we tried some downloaded from the Internet and the results were impressive very time.

With WindowBlinds, you can individually tweak the transparency levels for the Start Menu, taskbar, and windows. Also, the abundance of textures and wallpapers that accompany each visual style will give you something nice to play with.

Apart the many visual changes that can be performed, WindowBlinds comes with a comprehensive settings menu that enables you to configure in great detail the running options of the application.

For anyone who needs an easy to use tool that can make Windows look truly special, this software is one of the apps to try. Really easy to use and with enough features to satisfy the needs of all users, WindowBlinds definitely earns a spot on the list of recommendations.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used WindowBlinds and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚