A Streamlined Web Content Management System that Enables You to Easily Create, Publish and Manage User-Friendly and Rich Webpages

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Asbru Web Content Management is a self-explanatory CMS that comes with integrated community, e-commerce, statistics and databases modules that you can use to build, publish and manage the Internet, Extranet and Intranet websites.

Makes it easy for you to publish and manage your website

Asbru Web Content Management is designed to provide easy access and intuitive management tools for non-technical website administrators while remaining flexible and powerful enough for developers and website designers.

Between the long list of tools and features, you can find numerous customizable templates, an advanced content editor, support for multilingual content, website analytics functions, custom programming interfaces, SEO features and more.

Support for most operating systems and web browsers

Asbru Web Content Management is cross-platform and is able to run on most popular web platform operating systems, provides support for numerous programming languages, as well as databases. As expected, Asbru Web Content Management is supported by most major web browsers.

What is more, Asbru Web Content Management can be expanded with the help of various add-on modules for your databases, E-Commerce, community, and statistics.

Expand and enrich your website using various add-on modules

The databases add-on modules include database import and export, searchable and browsable content databases, data collection from website visitors and public, restricted or personalized data display.

Thanks to the E-Commerce add-ons you can take advantage for the multi-currency support, create product catalogs, embed shopping cart, shipping and payment processing, as well as order confirmation, notification, and tracking.

The statistics add-on module helps you check popular pages along with entry and exit pages, track the activity of registered visitors, view all popular key phrases and keywords, check your country exposure and product popularity.

We at AppsFormyPC have tested and used Asbru Web Content Management for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂