Create and Manage Plain Text Notes Using an Open Source Mac Os App Inspired by The Keyboard-Centric Notational Velocity Note Manager

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FSNotes is a minimalist note manager based on the quite famous Notational Velocity, developed using Apple’s Swift programming language and sandboxed for increased security.

With the help of the FSNotes app, you can create and manage an extensive database of notes without using your mouse.

Manage plain and rich text notes without your mouse

To be more precise, each and every FSNotes feature has an attached pre-defined keyboard shortcut, a fact which makes it one of the fastest ways of managing large collections of notes using a Mac.

FSNotes‘ user interface comes with a vertical and a horizontal layout, both of them being comprised of an editing area, a top search field, and a note list panel to rapidly browse through your notes.

Unfortunately, during our tests, we’ve observed that when switching to the horizontal layout, FSNotes is quite finicky when it comes to allowing you to view your notes’ contents, with the editing area disappearing completely. The only solution we found to get it back was to uninstall FSNotes and to select the note database folder to recover our notes.

Create rich text notes using RTF or Markdown notation

If you don’t have the time to go through this procedure, you can also inspect your notes by opening them with the help of the external text editor selected within the app’s options.

FSNotes also comes with built-in text formatting capabilities, with support for both RTF and the Markdown markup language. This makes it possible to create both plain text notes and highly complex notes containing anything from bolded text to hyperlinks and images.

If you need a detailed list of all the features and keyboard shortcuts you can use to manage your notes, they are available on FSNotes’ home page.

Fast and simple to use mouseless note manager for the Mac

Despite having an extensive list of features although being in an early stage of development, it still needs some additions, such as a way to rapidly sort the list of notes by timestamp, and a way to quickly switch between the horizontal and vertical views.

Everything considered FSNotes is a lightweight and user-friendly note manager, designed to boost your productivity by helping you create and edit plain or rich text notes without using the mouse.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used FSNotes for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂