A free and open-source application specially designed to help you install Apache, PHP and MySQL on your Mac, and effortlessly setup a personal web server

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MAMP is a practical and very easy-to-use application that enables you to turn your Mac into a powerful local server environment with just a few clicks of a mouse button.

Local environment for server-side development

What is more, MAMP is capable not to alter any existing Apache installation that is already running on your computer. Thus, you can effortlessly install Apache, MySQL, and PHP without scripts or configuration files. The best thing about MAMP is that you can quickly and easily uninstall it if you no longer need it without affecting your system.

Apache, MySQL, and PHP

MAMP is the acronym for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and, as a result, Apache is the first part of MAMP. Thanks to its modular structure, you can easily enhance the HTTP web server using a wide variety of add ons. Furthermore, MAMP offers more than 70 Apache Modules that include PHP, Webdav, SSL, Cache, Auth and many more.

If you need to develop and test a modern and dynamic website you also need a flexible database. MySQL is one of the most used relational database systems and is also featured in MAMP. Hence, you can develop elaborate MySQL database apps on your local machine and upload them on your live system when they are ready.

Simple and straightforward Python and Perl installation

Moreover, MAMP provides two versions of PHP and you can access the Settings window to quickly switch between them. In addition, most used extensions like Sqlite, XCache, FreeType, libxml, and Curl are pre-installed with MAMP.

On top of the above-mentioned components, MAMP also installs the latest version of Python, along with mod_python and mod_wsgy. Additionally, MAMP integrates Perl via the mod_perl, fact that allows you to execute Perl scripts outside of CGI-bin.

Inbuilt management interfaces for PHP and SQLite

From MAMP’s start page you can view and check all available information about installed components and even access web tools such as SQLite Manager, phpLiteAdmin and phpMyAdmin.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MAMP for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂