A No-Frills and Interactive Mac Os Solution for Creating Diagrams, Organizing Ideas and Planning the Strategical Move for Achieving Your Goals

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BigHairyGoal is an easy-to-use, flexible and lightweight mind-mapping application designed to help Mac users create all sorts of diagrams, mind-maps, and plans.

Furthermore, BigHairyGoal helps you jot down, organize and link ideas within a minimal user interface. Ideas and goals can be entered into customizable boxes/cards and moved to anywhere on the board.

Intuitive card creation system and customizable cards

The BigHairyGoal app is very easy-to-use and interactive, and, while using it, the goal is to add as many cards as you see fit, connect them with arrows and customize them with different colors, sizes, fonts, and importance.

Cards can be created by clicking on an existed one and moving then releasing the mouse cursor to any direction. Additionally, you can double-click on the board or use the context menu option “Insert Card Here” if you want to create independent cards.

Various level of importance for all added cards and flexible card management

7 different colors can be assigned to each card: white (default) is neutral, yellow (idea), pink (ready), orange (doing), green (done), blue (waiting) and red (blocked).

Furthermore, you can add priority levels which are expressed through the thickness of the border.  Depending on the importance you want to give them, cards can have zero, low, medium, a high or immediate priority.

You are given total creative freedom. Cards can be organized, resized, moved, deleted and edited with great flexibility. What’s more, you can also add URLs and images to your board in order to make the content more interactive and visually stimulating.

Powerful yet easy to use diagram design tool designed to help you focus on your goals

One more worth mentioning feature is the ability to select multiple cards using rectangle selection while selecting cards individually can be done by pressing Shift and clicking on cards.

All in all, BigHairyGoal works out-of-the-box and no user configuration is required. Moreover, your projects can be exported either as a .bhgdoc file or as a multi-platform compatible PDF document.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used BigHairyGoal for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂