Simple Browser Designed to Help You Access All Your Web Apps, Thus Freeing up Tabs in Your Main Browser and Keeping Everything Better Organized

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Many software developers no longer create desktop versions of their software, as they figure a web app can do the job just fine. But what do you do when your browser is full of tabs for each of these web apps, and organizing them is proving increasingly difficult?

Biscuit was created to offer a straightforward and quite obvious solution to this issue – yet another browser, but this one designed from the ground up to help you keep all your apps organized in one place, and out of your main browser.

Electron-based browser for your web apps

While you will find the ever-present address bar at the top of the window, the rest of the UI sets Biscuit apart from most other browsers. For starters, you will notice that web apps are listed in the sidebar, instead of in separate tabs, and they can be sorted into categories.

If you click on a web app, it will be opened in the main panel. Once you’ve accessed the app, it’s business as usual, and if you come across a link that can be opened in a related web app, you will have the option to do just that, or simply create a new tab.

Organize your web apps and centralize notifications

Items are split into two groups by default: Work and Personal. While these may be suitable for you as well, you can always rename them and create additional groups.

When you add a new app, you can specify whether or not notifications should be allowed. When one of them requires your attention, you will see a green dot next to the icon.

Find the right app or tab instantly

If you’re working with multiple apps at the same time, finding a particular item can be tricky, especially when a web app has several tabs open. With the App Switcher (⌘O), you can just type an app or tab name to highlight it and bring it to the foreground.

While not revolutionary by any means, as there are quite a few other browsers out there designed for managing web apps, Biscuit stands out through its remarkably intuitive design. Even if you have no idea what it does, you’ll be able to figure everything out in just a few seconds. It supports pretty much all popular web apps, and even allows you to add your own, so there’s no good reason not to try it out.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Biscuit for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂