Mac Os Utility that Helps You Organize and Manage Your Budget with The Help of An Easy to Understand Calendar and A User-Friendly Interface

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Setting up a stable budget and keeping track of it is not an easy task, especially when you have a lot of other things on your mind. There are many financial planning apps that you can turn to, but if they do not display the necessary information in an intuitive manner, they may not be much help after all.

Budget Calendar is a useful Mac utility that employs a slightly different approach, as most of your planning is done while viewing a monthly calendar that details all your transactions and any additional notes.

Calendar-based budget management utility that can help you keep track of your finances

The first thing you notice when launching the application is, of course, the monthly calendar that used for all of your data entry and visualization operations.

You can view all the transactions associated with a particular day, the current state of the budget and any notes that you have seen fit to attach.

Inserting your financial data is not difficult, but it would help if the operation could be streamlined to a certain extent, as we get the feeling new entries could be added much quicker if the procedure were to be rethought. For example, you cannot use keyboard keys to navigate between days or shortcuts to activate various functions.

Lacks some important functions and offers a rather cumbersome data input method

Also, no item or category templates are included when installing the app. These would have made it easier to import all your financial data, as income sources and payment destinations tend to be quite similar among large groups of people.

Budget Calendar is a Java-based app and it features a rather outdated interface. While the color scheme and fonts can be changed, this is not a particularly simple operation. Also, even though you can assign a specific icon to each entry, their visual design is not very modern, and you cannot create new ones.

Unpolished visual design that might not be too many users’ tastes

Moving past the app’s aesthetics, which some users may not have any problems with, it is difficult to understand why certain menu names are not capitalized, as this gives Budget Calendar a rather unprofessional look.

Overall, Budget Calendar is a simple to use app that can help you manage your personal finances using a Mac, as it offers a decent array of functions. However, it is rather cumbersome to use on a daily basis and features a rather uncommon interface for an OS X app.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Budget Calendar for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂