Drawing Application that Packs Essential Graphic Tools and Offers You the Possibility to Create Charts, Logos, and Any Other Type of Painting

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DrawPad Graphic Editor brings to the table essential drawing tools in a clean and well-organized user interface. The editing tools are accessible through the app’s main window, via the top toolbar, and you can choose to work with layers for more spectacular results.

Graphics editor sporting a straightforward user interface

Most of the space in the DrawPad main window is reserved for the canvas area which means that you have a lot of room for working on your graphic projects. The best part is that DrawPad enables you to open multiple projects at the same time and keeps them organized by using tabs.

When you start working on your painting, you will notice that most tools you need are already placed in the DrawPad top toolbar, also organized into tabs by purpose and type. In the right-side panel, you get to work with layers and customize the parameters for the currently selected element.

Work on drawing projects using basic graphic tools

DrawPad includes various selection tools, can draw basic geometric shapes, comes with a pencil, brush, spray paint, marker, pen, crayon, and bezier tools, can draw lines, and enables you to include text boxes into your drawings.

In addition, DrawPad allows you to resize the image or the canvas and integrates cropping capabilities. Via the DrawPad Effects tab, you can choose to include gradients, shadows, emboss or bevel effects, to align elements vertically or horizontally, or to change the element’s path type.

No-nonsense solution for drawing simple designs

DrawPad provides a clean workspace and packs graphic tools that can help you produce diagrams, logos, charts, and other types of paintings.

The DrawPad output can be shared by email, can be sent directly to the printer, or you can export the content to frequently used image file formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, SVG, PDF, or DRP.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used DrawPad Graphic Editor for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂