Cryptocurrency Manager that Delivers a User-Friendly Environment for Keeping Track of Your Assets, Sending or Receiving Funds, Exchanging the Blockchain Assets to Different Currency, and So On

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Cryptocurrency might just be the next thing to change the face of our financial system, yet working with blockchain assets is not always the most intuitive experience. You find yourself in need to understand new concepts such as seeds, blockchains, mining feeds, and so on.

Exodus tries to make the system more accessible to less experienced users by delivering a unified application where you can keep track of all assets, operate transactions, exchange the resources to different currencies, backup deposits, and so on.

Securely operate cryptocurrency transactions and manage your portfolio

At the moment, Exodus provides support for working with Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin blockchain assets. In the app’s wallet, you can choose to either send or receive funds.

For your convenience, Exodus will generate a QR code for your address, but you can also copy the generated code to your clipboard, send it to the printer, or share it with others via email. All the generated keys are encrypted, and the transaction information is stored locally.

Note that Exodus will keep track of all your transactions and automatically generates a colorful graph depicting the percent of each type of cryptocurrency in your portfolio.

To help you better understand your current assets, Exodus can convert everything to dollars with a simple mouse click.

Exchange your blockchain assets to any of the supported cryptocurrencies

Exodus also integrates conversion capabilities and offers you the possibility to see the exchange rate, both in the cryptocurrency of choice and in dollars, and that enables you to perform the transaction with a simple mouse click. To provide this service, Exodus integrates with ShapeShift.

The best part is that all the system’s complexity is hidden away from the user, so the entire procedure is reduced to very intuitive actions. At the same time, the blockchain assets and transaction information remain only on your computer, which should keep everything private.

Cryptocurrency manager that features a user-friendly approach and a beautiful design

Bottom line, Exodus provides everything you need to manage multiple types of blockchain assets: you can send or receive funds, convert the assets to different cryptocurrencies, and backup the transactions.

All these tools are accessible through a well-organized user interface that enables you to switch between them by using tabs. The Exodus app also integrates different interface themes, together with textures and color palettes, so you can find an appearance that suits your system.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Exodus for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂