A Free and Straightforward Utility Designed from The Get-Go to Remove All the Corrupt Font Cache Files from Your Os X with Ease.

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Problems with font caches can be annoying sometimes and, for this exact reason, FontNuke was born as a free utility that will delete or remove troublesome and corrupt font cache files, thus enabling your fonts to be successfully loaded in word processing apps.

Possible life-saver “one-trick pony” application with a minimalist interface

When you first start the application, it is clear that FontNuke isn’t the kind of utility designed to have all the extra bells and whistles, but a straightforward and specialized app created with a single reason in mind.

Furthermore, FontNuke will let you fix various font cache problems via a fast and straightforward workflow. Keep in mind that, for it to work properly, you will need to reboot your Mac in order for FontNuke to figure out and resolve all your font-related issues automatically.

Additional support for multiple cache file format removal

In addition, FontNuke will remove not only Mac OS X cache files, but also Adobe font caches, with the extension “*.lst”, Microsoft Office font caches and all versions of QuarkXpress font caches files.

What’s more, FontNuke has another ace up its sleeve, in the form of the “Reset Spotlight” feature that will purge all Spotlight indexes on volume start-up from the “/.Spotlight-V100” folder, without a forced rebuild.

We would recommend caution regarding the usage of this feature because all who would want to use it should fully understand what the contents of the “/.Spotlight-V100” directory are used for, considering the fact that once you clear it, the Spotlight app will most probably start indexing your hard drives from scratch.

A must-have utility that will make your life easier if you use apps that use fonts heavily

In addition, if you deal a lot with fonts or if you are a very caring person who keeps a tidy system at all times, the possibility of your fonts giving up on you still exists.

All things taken into consideration, FontNuke has proved itself to be a useful utility, that, in certain situations, will make your day a lot more productive by saving you the trouble of manually removing your corrupt font caches.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used FontNuke and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂