A Reliable and Flexible Font Design Application for Mac Os Users that Provides a Database of Fonts and Symbols and Advanced Vector Design Tools

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Glyphs Mini is a font editor for the macOS platform that comes with basic drawing tools and a straightforward user interface. It is the less enhanced and affordable counterpart of Glyphs, a full-featured solution for professional font editing.

Everyone can use Glyphs Mini to create web fonts, as it is designed for casual font drawing, but with several advanced vector tools as well, such as Nudge, Reconnect Nodes, Open Corners and Fit Curve. Another interesting feature is the ability to edit glyphs in a word context.

Well-organized user interface for drawing fonts

The application features a well-crafted user interface with the main area for editing fonts, a pane to browse fonts, a Palettes panel, and an upper bar to access various common functions, such as a pointer, hand selector, zoom in / out and more.

By accessing the Font pane, you can browse through a comprehensive collection of fonts grouped by categories (letter, number, punctuation, separator, symbol, mark, and others), browse Latin, Cyrillic and Greek symbols as well as a “Not Export” filter.

Support for exporting fonts to multiple formats

A bar below the font previewer allows you to quickly search for glyphs and zoom in / out to get a better look at them.

Thus, Glyphs Mini provides ample support for scripts and languages. Moreover, you can use anchors, live components and metric synchronization. If you want to import your own font, you can do so, as long as the font file is OTF or TTF. Exporting a font is also supported in the OTF and PHF format.

It is also important to note that the application comes with detailed documentation, including a user guide and step-by-step video tutorials; therefore, if you are new to the program or a novice font editor, you can refer to the app’s handy tutorials.

Full-featured workspace for creating fonts from scratch on your Mac

To sum it all up, Glyphs Mini is not as powerful as Glyphs, its full-featured counterpart, but it still manages to offer a versatile workspace to edit fonts on a Mac.

Furthermore, it also includes a comprehensive font database, advanced vector drawing tools, and a highly intuitive user interface.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Glyphs Mini for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂