Chat with Your Team Members and Keep All Your Important Files and Information at Hand by Integrating Various Services, with This Well-Designed Application

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It is never easy for a large team to work as a cohesive unit, mainly because of the difficulties resulting from the use of multiple communication platforms that often create more problems than they solve.

Grape is an OS X application designed to offer a solution to this issue, as it provides you with a service that aims to facilitate collaboration between team members and make it easy for them to share content and ideas.

Versatile communication service that can be used from multiple platforms

Of course, a very important aspect to take into consideration when looking for a new chat service is its support for multiple platforms. Grape does not disappoint in this regard, as it also provides native apps for iOS and Android devices.

Moreover, while a Windows application is not available, team members who prefer to use a PC can access their dashboard from any browser and take advantage of all the features offered by the OS X app.

Easy-to-use chat application that packs an impressive array of features

Grape is remarkably intuitive, as all the controls you need are always at your fingertips, so there is no need to navigate through complex menus. If there is one negative aspect we can mention in regards to its interface, it is the fact that no optional color themes are available.

You can create multiple organizations and invite your team members, as well as set up any number of rooms within these organizations, to keep relevant discussions in the right place. Once your team is logged in, you can chat with them in private and public rooms or send messages to individual contacts.

Grape includes a wide variety of emojis, which are very easy to find and insert. Moreover, it offers full support for markdown, so you can easily apply styles, insert lists, links, images, code snippets and much more.

Integrate various web services to ensure everything you need is easily accessible

Perhaps the most useful feature offered by Grape is its integration with a broad range of web services. Some of these are included by default, so that you can search for content on Wikipedia, YouTube, Spotify, and many others.

However, you can also connect with services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, GitHub and Evernote, among others. Thus, it is possible to bring up appointments, files, notes, and many other items by simply entering the desired query in the chat window.

Grape is a very impressive application, as it is obvious that a lot of effort was put into making it as intuitive and efficient as possible. If you want to increase your team’s productivity, trying this communication platform is definitely a good way to get started.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Grape for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂