All-In-One Mac Os Utility that Comes Packed with All the Tools One Needs to View, Edit, Convert, Browse and Organize Large Image Collections

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GraphicConverter is an exhaustive and full-featured macOS image editing application, designed to provide professional photographers and image hobbyists all over the world with everything they need to get the job done quickly and easily.

Features a vast selection of supported input and output image formats, as well as a wide selection of inbuilt image editing tools

Thus, GraphicConverter can be used to effortlessly batch convert massive collections of images to approximately 80 different formats, while allowing you to import no more than 200 formats.

Moreover, once you get your images imported within GraphicConverter, it will enable you to edit them using a vast number of tools, all created with on purpose in mind: to help you quickly alter and enhance your photos by offering you any instrument you need, from basic to the most advanced ones that make it simple and intuitive to manipulate 3D images.

Built-in support for importing images from your camera

What’s more, if you haven’t yet transferred the photos from your camera to your Mac’s hard drive, GraphicConverter will not let you down because it also features a built-in “Digital pictures” tool designed to notify it to instantly open the image folder for your camera, as soon as it is connected to your Mac.

Furthermore, GraphicConverter also features an integrated slide show utility that makes it very easy to swiftly start up an image presentation with only a couple of mouse clicks.

AppleScript based automation support

In addition, GraphicConverter‘s AppleScript support is one other thing that makes it stand out from the multitude of other similar applications.

Besides allowing its users to easily and speedily automate almost all tasks you want GraphicConverter to perform on its own, you can also greatly speed up your workflow straightaway.

A collection of example scripts designed to automate various work routines can be found on the Support for AppleScript page, on GraphicConverter’s support site.

Intuitive and comprehensive image manager and processor for your Mac

On the whole, GraphicConverter is the logical choice if you need a full-featured image viewer, browser and editor, with support for automation and always under constant development.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used GraphicConverter for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂