Provides You with A Suitable Environment and An Extensive Collection of Useful and Powerful Tools for Digital Painting and Illustration Applications

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Designed with digital artists in mind, Krita is a full-featured and very powerful digital painting and illustration editor.

Despite its wide collection of features, Krita comes with a fairly well-organized user-interface. While fairly easy to work with, getting to grips with this powerful application will require a little bit of accommodation time, and probably some trial and error as well.

Take advantage of the large collection of dockers, brushes, and canvases

Aiming to be the only digital editor you will ever need, Krita comes with a Wrap-Around Mode, multiple brush engines and blending modes, advanced selection and masking tools, symmetry tools and drawing aids, filters, effects, color management, and last but not least, layer control options.

While the Wrap-Around Mode makes it easy for you to quickly apply textures and patterns, the large collection of brushes enables you to choose the perfect blending modes and brushes to suit your style and needs.

Moreover, the application bundles the following brush engines: pixel, smudge and color smudge, duplicate, grid, particle, sketch, chalk, hatching, particle, and spray. As expected from such a comprehensive app, you can also create and save your own brushes or presets.

Unleash your inner artist with the help of Krita’s impressive collection of tools

What’s more, Krita’s advanced selection and masking tools, give you the edge you need in order to select and edit difficult parts of your canvases. You can easily select all kinds of shapes and add, remove, or intersect them by selection.

In addition, the symmetry tools provide you drawing aids like perspective grids and shapes that have magnetic settings. You can also add more than one axes and modify the origin center, angle, and other parameters.

Krita’s filters can be applied directly on your painting, or as a filter mask and layer. Besides filters, the application also bundles an interesting set of customizable special effects.

Because one of the most powerful tools for digital editing are represented by layers, Krita comes with advanced layer options such as settings for visibility, edit lock, transparency lock, and alpha locking.

Give Krita a try and support its development with a donation

To conclude, Krita is a complete and powerful digital painting application that focuses mainly on digital painting but is also well suited for managing vector images and retouching photos.

The fact is that Krita is very easy to be liked as it is clearly up there with the best digital illustrator apps and, because it is also completely free, we absolutely recommend that you give it a try.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Krita for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂