A Powerful and Flexible Personal Finance Manager and Analysis Utility that Enables You to Handle and Manage Your Spending from Within a Well-Designed Interface

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MoneyWell is a versatile and practical macOS application capable to help you plan your spending and manage your finances using the envelope budgeting system.

Personal finance assistant with event-based budgeting

Thanks to MoneyWell you can easily keep track of your accounts by directly importing data from your bank and allows you to fill in your expense buckets when you receive your salary, assign spending to different buckets and stay in control of your expense.

You can easily create a complete list of various events that can help MoneyWell understand how you intend to spend your money and let MoneyWell build your budget accordingly. You can even split your spending plan into multiple events and revise your budget on the go.

You can always make adjustments, add unpredicted events, remove canceled events and constantly stay in control over your spending and expense.

User-oriented interface and inbuilt interactive reports

From MoneyWell’s main window you can have an overview of your cash flow, check your accounts, view your income buckets and compare it against the expense buckets. What is more, you can filter the displayed events and find the desired transaction with just a couple of keystrokes.

By using MoneyWell, you can manage numerous transactions and view your banking and budgeting information in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. MoneyWell automatically generates graphs for all your lists while the headers provide relevant information about your selection.

Furthermore, MoneyWell helps you share your data with other users using custom reports. Hence, you can generate and save reports with different totals, content, groupings date ranges and more.

Flexible Built-in currency converter

You can create, save and use smart filters to filter the displayed transactions according to their date, payee, amount, tag, memo or any other available criteria.

On top of that, MoneyWell comes with currency support and helps you record transactions in one currency, store them into an account register using another currency and even assign it to a budget bucket in a third currency.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used MoneyWell for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂