A Free and Efficient Security Utility that Stores Your Collection of Important Service Access Information Such as Passwords, Username and Pin Codes

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PasswordVault Lite is a cross-platform password manager application designed to automate the process of logging into websites by securely storing your collection of usernames, passwords, PIN numbers or internet banking accounts.

Keep your collection of passwords and another private information safe with the help of PasswordVault Lite’s smart encryption system

It must be said that PasswordVault Lite works by protecting your data via a very strong 256-bit double-layer Blowfish encryption system. Also, PasswordVault has a smart in-built password recovery system that ensures your data is as safe as it can be and cannot be accessed by third parties.

Right off the bat, when you start PasswordVault Lite, a username must be created, alongside a “master password”, that will provide you with complete access over the application’s functions and features.

Additionally, getting to grips with PasswordVault Lite is an easy process, because of its minimalistic and very colorful user interface that doesn’t quite follow Apple’s OS X Human Interface Guidelines for design.

Helps you fight-off all harmful and fraudulent practices like “phishing” and hold-off “keylogger” programs

Moreover, PasswordVault Lite organizes and keeps all your passwords and usernames in a safe and protected database, and, once you open a website in your browser, with a few clicks, the passwords and usernames will be filled in, thus, allowing to log on quickly and seamlessly.

Another worth mentioning feature is that PasswordVault Lite will block and fight “phishing” and will protect your information by blocking fraudulent e-mails that could compromise your accounts’ security.

PasswordVault Lite also offers protection from “keyloggers” that record every keystroke made on your Mac by making it possible to effortlessly log in on any website without having to type your password.

Keep your information protected and conveniently organized everywhere you go, by running PasswordVault Lite from a USB drive

Furthermore, PasswordVault Lite can run off USB drives, so that you can take it with you and keep all your passwords protected even when you’re not using your personal Mac.

By and large, the Internet is clearly not 100% safe and attacks or loss of information happen, and that is why PasswordVault Lite is a must-have utility and using it is a good step towards improving your privacy.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PasswordVault Lite for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂