Makes It as Easy as Possible for You to Better Organize Your Photo Collection by Scanning, Finding, and Eliminating Duplicate Photos

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PhotoSweeper X is a solid application that enables the tracking and removal of duplicate photos with ease, and it integrates a photo browser that displays image thumbnails and allows you to easily manage them.

Moreover, PhotoSweeper X works with your own images but can also process those located in the iPhoto library. It displays potential for cleaning and managing the system and its libraries, checking for unofficial or unknown, overlooked or hidden copies of images.

Easy installation and stable functionality, with reliable results and output

After downloading and mounting the .dmg disk image file, pin it to your system by dragging and dropping the application icon into the Mac OS X Application cluster tab for handy access in future sessions.

Tips greet you at startup to help steepen the learning curve. Upon focusing on PhotoSweeper X notice the plethora of options and settings that settle down on in the Mac OS X system tray bar.

These pretty much hold the fairest share in regards to the managing of supported files. Possibilities include comparing images by size, name, format and aspect ratio among others.

It integrates a Media Browser where Apple photos, Aperture or Adobe Lightroom libraries can be imported through the dedicated button or customary drag and drop.

Solves inconveniences or awkward situations with grace, sparing considerable effort and time

Each file benefits from a histogram and is subjected to a thorough metadata analysis showcasing numerous basic and professional details in regards to its structure, pixel composition, location on disk and originating device.

There are a lot of scenarios to think of when taking into account PhotoSweeper X‘s usefulness and making use of its capabilities. If, for instance, you frequently work with pictures for a living or for passion, whether handling regular photo albums or heavy-duty design choices for professional applications.

You can even perform logic and simple bulk folder scan to indirectly attend to the security of your content as well, checking for copies of images and their whereabouts through their digital signature or checksum equivalents (in case they were renamed or moved) ensuring that they stay where they belong and nobody interferes with them.

Streamlined tool for rapidly detecting and removing duplicate images

PhotoSweeper X is a dependable application with pretty smart features and an intuitive interface. You can count on its help when faced with the necessity for sorting out your valuable images for all sorts of reasons.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PhotoSweeper X and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂