Deliver Presentations on A Secondary Display Using a Standard Pdf File as The Source Material, Write Down Notes and Draw on Slides, with This Useful Application

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It is sometimes necessary to deliver presentations while relying solely on a PDF file, such as when you have created the slides with LaTeX Beamer and they are only available in document format.

ProjektorΒ is a handy macOS application designed to help you present these slides on a secondary display while keeping your notes in front of you and tracking the presentation’s progress.

Easy-to-use app for creating and delivering smart presentations

Whether you wish to prepare for an event or start a presentation on the spot, you first need to import the PDF file into Projektor. The slides can be previewed in a separate panel, two pages at a time, so you can see what is currently being shown on the secondary display, as well as the next slide.

You can write down or paste any relevant notes in the built-in text editor to ensure they are always on hand during the presentation. They are slide-specific, which means that each PDF page has its own separate notes.

Moreover, it is possible to draw on the slides while a presentation is taking place, should you wish to highlight certain items to your audience.

Show your presentation on an external display or just practice beforehand

Projektor automatically detects any connected secondary displays and lists them in the main window, along with their resolution. Their position in relation to the primary display is also shown.

You can, of course, just rehearse for your presentation, as the app plays the slides on the main screen if no secondary display is connected.

A useful application that saves your presentation to a handy, ready-to-use file

Once your presentation has been prepared, complete with all the necessary notes and drawings, you can save it to the PDC dedicated format, which keeps all your information together in one place, making it easier to load the presentation at a later date.

Overall, Projektor is a simple utility that can help you deliver presentations on a secondary screen using nothing but a PDF file, while also letting you write down any necessary notes and draw on the slides as they are being displayed.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Projektor for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚