Comes with A Plethora of Layout Designing Tools, Automated Workflows and Typographic Instruments in Order to Improve Your Overall Editing Experience

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Both print and digital publishing have very high standards when it comes to layout editing and designing. Creating professional-looking materials is a must, no matter if you are designing brochures, catalogs, newspapers, e-books or digital magazines.

QuarkXPressย comes with a plethora of layout designing tools, automated workflows, and typographic instruments in order to improve your overall editing experience.

Moreover, the QuarkXPress app can help you create documents that will look fantastic, whether you are visualizing them in digital format or print.

Work on custom project layouts or libraries in a versatile environment

QuarkXPress is a quite large application, but it is easy to set up since it comes with its own installer. Note that a restart is required to complete the installation process.

QuarkXPress‘ interface strives to be modern, intuitive and efficient: the included functions are organized into simple toolbars, which can be easily revealed or hidden.

The QuarkXPress appโ€™s look and behavior can be easily personalized via the Preferences window where you can also adjust the default settings for each layout editing tool.

Create professional-looking documents by taking advantage of the built-in tools and editing options

QuarkXPress provides support for creating shapes, tables, QR codes, processing images, intelligent scaling and much more. QuarkXPress includes typography related tools that will help you set up hanging characters, maintain bullet and number lists or use different grid styles.

In addition, QuarkXPress is designed to format text at a professional level: it comes with a glyphs palette, special characters, customizable hyphenation and justification specifications, font mapping capabilities and much more.

QuarkXPress works well with other applications and can import and process a broad range of file types created by other applications, such as PSD, XLS, XLSX, AI, EPS, GIF, JPEG, PDF, PNG, TIFF or Microsoft Word files.

Comprehensive digital publishing solution that integrates a plethora of customization options

All in all, QuarkXPress provides very efficient tools for quickly creating high quality, professional-looking materials suitable for both print and digital publishing.

The QuarkXPress app allows you to save your work using a proprietary project file format, of you can export the layout to popular formats, such as PDF, EPUB, Kindle, and so on.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used QuarkXPress for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚