Rely on The Mac Os Built-In Text to Speech Function to Have Headlines or Articles Read Aloud While You Continue to Go About Your Day

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Speech Central offers you the possibility to organize news feeds or articles to have them read aloud while you are dealing with other tasks. The utility relies on the macOS text to speech function and can be controlled via VoiceOver.

Import RSS feeds or individual websites or article pages

The Speech Central application keeps the sources organized by type: headlines, articles, audio files, old articles, or trash. Keep in mind that all the articles you read are automatically sent to the old articles smart folder.

For your convenience, Speech Central comes with a collection of popular websites that you might want to start monitoring, offers you the possibility to navigate to a particular website to add it to your collection, and can also deal with RSS feeds or OPML files.

Furthermore, Speech Central offers you the option to add individual files (DOCX, PPT, PDF, EML, EPUB, FB2, or Daisy) and can quickly generate audio files with the text to speech rendering. Note that in the app’s Preferences you get to decide if you want to produce M4A or AIFF audio files.

Rely on the built-in player to control the speech rendering

From the Speech Central Preferences, you also get to choose if the reading voice is male or female, opt to have it selected at random, or use one of the voices that come with the system by default. In addition, you get to adjust the reading speed.

Other options include the possibility to limit the feed or summary length, to skip old headlines, or to toggle the autoplay function. The built-in audio player comes with elementary playback controls, but keep in mind that you get more options via the status bar menu.

Text to speech player that can help you stay on top of you reading

Speech Central is able to work with websites and RSS feeds, as well as individual article pages or documents, all to help you stay informed and catch up with your reading.

The Speech Central utility simply reads aloud everything, allowing you to multitask while driving, commuting, and so on. What’s more, it will prove quite useful to legally blind users since it can be mastered via VoiceOver.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Speech Central for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂