Network Client for Sync Breeze Server that Lets You Synchronize Files Across Multiple Locations on Computers via Lan, Backed by A Task Scheduler and Custom Commands

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Designed as a network client for Sync Breeze Server, this software tool provides one-way and two-way synchronization modes for files, accompanied by a scheduler and custom commands.

It basically helps you copy information from one place to another to keep both locations identical in file structure and content. The app offers support for directories, drives, disks, network shares, and NAS storage devices.

Hassle-free installer and intuitive UI

Setting up Sync Breeze Enterprise is a quick and simple job that requires minimal user assistance. It is wrapped in a user-friendly and comfortable-looking interface that allows you to connect to the SyncBreeze server by specifying the hostname, user name, port number, and password.

Easily manage commands

It is possible to add, start, pause and stop commands, copy, delete, export, edit and rename them, as well as to consult a list with a history of all commands applied, in order to find out their date, time, status, number of errors (if any), along with total and synchronized files and size. Meanwhile, file synchronization operations can be previewed in a separate area.

Configure a wide range of advanced settings

The current configuration can be backed up to file and restored later. What’s more, you can view a message console to check out the program activity, choose the synchronization mode, point out the source and output location, enable scheduled sync jobs, configure rules, as well as exclude any files and folders from the task. Advanced file copy options pertain to the memory buffer size and alignment, together with file copy retry count and delay, among others.

Evaluation and conclusion

No error messages popped up in our tests, and the application did not hang or crash. It had a good response time and worked smoothly, using low CPU and RAM. To sum it up, Sync Breeze Enterprise facilitates a user-friendly workspace and plenty of advanced settings to successfully conduct file synchronization jobs across multiple computers via LAN.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sync Breeze Enterprise and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂