Enables You to Play Music from A Large Online Database, Import Your Own Files, and Create Comprehensive Playlists with Your Favorite Songs

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Deezer is a stylish music streaming application that aims to provide you with a comprehensive environment for listening to music from an online database and from your Mac’s HDD.

A macOS music client that makes it easy for you to organize your music files

Like many other clients for music streaming services, Deezer enables you to search within its immense online music database of over 35 million songs, to listen to online radios, as well as to keep all your favorite songs centralized and within easy reach wherever you go.

Simplicity is the word that best describes best both the user interface and the application itself. Once Deezer is installed on your Mac, it will automatically import your songs, albums, and playlists directly from iTunes.

Easy to use and streamlined music application

Getting to grips with the Deezer application shouldn’t pose any problems to you as it bundles a streamlined interface that is composed only out of one window and four tab menus, namely Hear This, Playlists, Albums, and Queue.

Above the previously mentioned tab menus, you will find a button with Deezer’s icon on it, that, once pressed, opens the Deezer local folder on your Mac’s HDD. Besides importing files from iTunes, you can also drag and drop music files, albums, and playlists from the Finder directly onto Deezer’s main window.

A Stylish application that helps you control the way you play music via your Mac keyboard’s media keys

Another worth mentioning feature is the fact that you can easily control Deezer’s main functions like play, pause, select the next or the previous song, as well as adjust the volume just like you would do when using the iTunes app, with the help of the F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12 keys.

Deezer proved itself to be a streamlined music client that makes it easy for you to listen to music, in both online and offline mode, as well as to keep all your music organized and within easy reach.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Deezer for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂