A Free and Open Source Gnu/linux Distribution Based on Arch Linux and With a Friendly Community

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Endeavour OS is a free and open-source GNU/Linux distribution based on the popular Arch Linux operating system and featuring the lightweight Xfce desktop environment by default.

Boot options

While it’s been beautified, the boot menu of the Endeavour OS operating system is identical in functionality with Arch Linux’s one, allowing users to start the live system, boot an existing OS, run a RAM test, check their hardware for compatibility, as well as to reboot or power off the system.

Beautiful Xfce desktop with all your favorite apps

Compared to Arch Linux, Endeavour OS features a live session with a beautified Xfce desktop environment. The live session not only lets you try the operating system on your personal computer before installing it, but it also makes the installation process a breeze with an in-house built graphical installer.

On top of that, Endeavour OS comes with all your favorite Xfce apps, including Thunar file manager, Xfce Terminal, Ristretto image viewer, Xfburn CD/DVD burning app, as well as some third-party ones like the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Transmission BitTorrent client, gFTP FTP client, and Zenmap security scanner.

Installing Arch Linux has never been easier

Endeavour OS aims to make installing Arch Linux a breeze, and for that, the development team built a tool that pops up when running the live system for the first time. After creating the necessary partitions, installing Endeavour OS is one click away and the Calamares graphical installer takes care of everything else.

Not a bloatware OS

Endeavour OS aims to bring Arch Linux to the masses and does a good job by providing a friendly community to encourage users to install and run the Arch Linux operating system on their personal computers. One thing we know, Endeavour OS is not a bloatware OS, it’s compatible with most 64-bit systems, and lets you access Arch Linux’s repositories.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Endeavour OS and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂