An Operating System that Tries to Deliver a Better, More Intuitive User Experience on Your Mac, While Making Sure All Your Apple Devices Work Together

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Launched in early 2001, macOS has gone through various redesigns over the years. The operating system comes with any Apple computer and allows you to keep all your macOS and iOS-based devices connected within the same workflow. As a result, you get to easily and effortlessly switch between them while continuing working on the same task.

Make the most of your Apple devices with the help of built-in software solutions

macOS features a collection of default applications designed to help you manage your day to day activity in an efficient manner. You get to organize your contacts, your calendar, to write notes, to perform mathematical operations, to send and receive emails, to browse online, and much more, without having to deploy third-party apps.

On the other hand, if you do want to install additional software, the Mac App Store application helps you browse through a large collection of utilities verified by Apple. The same application handles all the system software updates (if you do not want to download and install the patches manually).

Connect to your iCloud account to take advantage of what the cloud technology has to offer

macOS tries to make switching from one device to the other as efficient and quick as possible by using the iCloud capabilities: you can choose to sync your documents to your iCloud library and then access them anytime by using your Apple ID. You are also able to share documents with your friends within various applications.

In addition, thanks to the Compressed Memory feature, the OS will automatically shrink inactive data in the memory in order to keep the Mac as fast and responsive as possible.

Furthermore, the iCloud Keychain utility is designed to help you securely store various sensitive info like credit card numbers, passwords and miscellaneous banking credentials in the cloud, while also synchronizing this data to any trusted device you choose.

A fast and responsive operating system designed to work with your Mac computer

Worth mentioning is that macOS keeps you up to date with everything that happens on your Mac or with any connected account with the help of the Notification Center and even allows you perform management tasks instantly thanks to interactive notifications.

Users get to immediately reply to messages and emails, to respond to FaceTime calls or even to manage e-mail conversations without having to leave the Notification Center.

Above all else, the plethora of functions and features that come integrated with macOS work together to provide an overall amazing experience on the user side.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used macOS for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂