A Small Status Bar Application that Provides You with A Set of 8 Calming Ambient Soundtracks that Help You Find the Right Mood Anytime

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As technology evolves at such a high rate, more and more of us make our living by working with computers in offices. Usually, working with a computer can be a bit distracting due to exterior noises coming from our crowded cities or from all around our workplaces.

Choose between a large selection of calming ambient sounds and mix them together in order to form the perfect sound ambiance that fits your mood

For those who don’t have the comfort of quiet and noise-free workspace, Noizio can provide the perfect solution as it is a small and straightforward macOS background soundscape app designed to bring you comfort and serenity by blocking distracting exterior noises with the help of relaxing ambient audio tracks.

Noizio will seamlessly integrate itself into the macOS status bar and this makes it both easy to use and an unobtrusive little tool that will stay out of your way while still allowing you to stay calm and focused on the task at hand.

Moreover, Noizio comes bundled with 8 relaxing soundtracks (i.e. Coffee Shop, Thunder, Rain, Fire Crackle, Crash of Waved, Gusts of Wind, Sunny Outdoors, and Crickets in the Night), designed to be played separately or mixed together.

A living proof that sometimes simple apps can bring the biggest improvements to our productivity and mood

Noteworthy is the fact that you can blend the bundled tracks in order to form a perfect mix of ambient sounds that will fit your mood. Moreover, Noizio is a well thought out application and the attention to detail is obvious due to the fact that the sounds are played in a seamless loop and have a high-quality feel.

Another worth mentioning feature is that via Noizio’s Preferences menu you can choose to automatically launch the app at startup and if you want its icon to be placed in the macOS dock or not.

All in all, Noizio is a small and straightforward macOS application that successfully manages to do a simple, yet important thing: it improves your productivity and mood by keeping you relaxed and focused on your work.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Noizio for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂