A Handy Music Tagging Application that Is Designed from The Ground-Up to Help You Tag Your Music Tracks or Files and Albums with Ease

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At times, when you want to rip the tracks from your favorite music CDs into MP3s, the names of the output files might no longer contain letters, but numbers or other garbled information not related to the actual songs contained on your discs.

This is where MusicBrainz’s Picard comes in with a solution, by helping you tag your music tracks, files, and albums with ease, so that you know exactly what’s what while playing your favorite songs and albums.

Simple to use interface UI designed to make tagging your ripped tracks effortless

In order to get started, one must simply import the files or folders of audio tracks that you want to process with the help of the built-in folder tree menu or by dragging and dropping them onto the app’s main window.

The Picard app has a straightforward interface with all the tools and features you need one mouse click away, thus the next step after the files are loaded, namely clicking the “CD Lookup” or the “Scan” buttons comes as a natural conclusion.

Easy and accessible searching and tagging engine

Furthermore, the “Lookup” process takes place swiftly while the app searches for bits of metadata within your imported audio files and tries to match it with the available information within the MusicBrainz online audio CD database, in order to correctly tag any and all of your music files.

Moreover, the scanning process is intended to complete (or replace, if needed) the “Lookup” feature, as it can match every file individually with the help of a so-called audio fingerprint in order to detect the audio information it needs in the MusicBrainz database.

Tag your favorite albums, regardless of the audio file’s format, with just a few mouse clicks

Also, after the Picard app has done its magic by matching each file’s metadata, you should have all the correct album information and from here on forward all you have to do is add your music files into the correct album.

In addition, Picard has the capability to read and tag MP3 files, higher quality uncompressed FLAC files, as well as other audio file formats such as M4A, OGG, WMA and WAV.

On the whole, Picard is a highly efficient and worth having around audio tagger and music tracks identifier designed from scratch to help you bring order into your playlists.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Picard for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂