Stores and Allows You to Manage All Your Clipboard Items via A Minimalist and Slick Looking User Interface with Light and Dark Themes

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Copying and pasting on modern computers is just a matter of hitting the right combination of keyboard keys, but managing all the clippings is a whole other matter.

Because there are no built-in clipboard managers in macOS, installing one such will make it a lot simpler for you to keep a close eye on everything you sent to your Mac’s pasteboard.

Keyboard shortcut enabled and stack-styled clipboard manager

PinStackΒ is one such app, a pasteboard manager with a minimalist look based on Google’s material design and meant to work as a stack containing all the clippings you’ve saved using the ⌘ + C command.

The PinStack utility comes with two main windows, the first one being the clipboard interface which is designed to enable you to quickly browse through all of your saved clippings and set any one of them as the current pasteboard content by hitting the SPACE key.

The other is the Quick Paste dialog which provides you with an easy and fast way to rapidly go through all your clips and insert any of them by either hitting the number on their right side, double-clicking or hitting the ENTER key while the clip is highlighted.

Support for managing up to 300 snippets at a time

PinStack also comes with a Pin view created to display only the clips you’ve pinned in the stack while browsing your Mac’s pasteboard history in the clipboard interface.

Moreover, the PinStack application also comes with built-in support for saving text, image, URL and color clippings, and it also stores up to 300 clipboard snippets at a time.

Fast and minimalist clipboard manager with global keyboard shortcut support

You can configure the number of clips available in PinStack‘s clipboard interface from the app’s Clipboard Settings, as well as set the utility to start on login, switch between light and dark theme, and customize the predefined global keyboard shortcuts for summoning the app’s interface.

Taking everything said above into consideration, PinStack is a worthwhile app to have installed on your Mac if you have to juggle with a lot of clipboard snippets on a daily basis.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used PinStack for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚