An Easy-To-Use Software Utility that Enables You to Change the Contents of An Epub Document Using Both Basic and Advanced Tools.

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Sigil is a free and open-source WYSIWYG ebook editor for editing books in the EPUB format that makes it very easy and straightforward to load EPUB files and edit them in book view mode or HTML view mode. Thus, you don’t have to know how to use HTML or style sheets to be able to edit EPUBs.

Simple to use ebook editing utility which helps export EPUB formatted books

In addition, you can also use Sigil to quickly create EPUB documents by simply entering a piece of text into a new document and saving it to your hard drive as EPUB.

Moreover, Sigil is designed to help you format books for your own use or if you want to make some touches to books for publishing.

Sigil comes with numerous basic and advanced features. You can edit the text in either Book View or Code View. The Book View is a simple word processor with various formatting options such as paragraph transformation, add bold, italics, underlined, etc.

Inbuilt ebook collection browser and preview for rapidly checking the resulting ebook

Furthermore, the Code view enables you to directly edit the HTML formatting if you want complete control over your ebook. A Preview window is also included for checking how the text would look like.

Sigil also includes a Book Browser that provides access to all the files in your EPUB: text, styles, images, audio, video and more. You can quickly browse and edit them from the Book Browser panel.

Another important feature is the ability to search and replace text. You will be able to find and replace in one file or in all files concurrently. Also, the searches can be saved to your hard drive for later usage.

Also allows you to effortlessly modify your ebooks’ metadata information with the help of a built-in editor

If you want to change book details such as author, title, language, year, etc. you can use the Metadata Editor. It can be accessed via the Tools menu or by hitting F8.

Moreover, Sigil also shows the table of contents of your EPUB in a separate panel on the right side of the main window. You can use it to jump to specific chapters or generate a new table of content according to headings.

All in all, the Sigil app is the only tool you need if you want a large enough collection of ebook editing tools designed from the ground up to provide you with complete control over the content of your books.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Sigil for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂