Manage Your Twitter Account from The Comfort of Your Desktop, View Recent Replies, Check a User’s Timeline, Update Your Status, Send Direct Messages, and Hide Tweets Containing Custom Words or Usernames

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Witty is a lightweight open-source Twitter client developed specifically for helping you check out the status of the people you follow, view recent replies and users’ timelines, update your status, as well as respond to direct messages.

The tool is compatible with Windows XPVista, and 7. In order to install it correctly and avoid bumping into all sorts of errors and compatibility issues, you need to have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 deployed on the target computer.

Interacting with the GUI

Witty sports a simple design that allows you to check out the recent Twitter activity, replies, users’ timelines, messages, and search options from different tabs. You can refresh the information with a single click.

A help manual cannot be found in the package. However, you can quickly get an idea about how to set up the dedicated parameters because they look easy to work with.

Configuration settings

Witty offers you the possibility to set up Twitter authentication parameters by providing information about the host, username, and password. In addition, you are allowed to log out of your account and configure proxy parameters.

When it comes to general tweaking options, the tool lets you keep the main window on top of other panels, minimize the program upon pressing the close button, play sound notifications upon new tweets, enable a smooth scrolling mode, set the refresh time interval, change the looks of the GUI by choosing between several preset skins, pick the URL service, as well as select the retweet and reply prefixes.

What’s more, you can clear all tweets and replies using simple mouse clicks, keep a user-defined number of recent tweets, hide tweets containing custom words or usernames, and highlight tweets from users or those messages that include specific words.

Other important configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to set the maximum of individual notifications and number of seconds to display the notifications, alert only the selected users, and open links via your default web browser.

Last but not least, you can reply to a tweet, send direct messages, delete the selected tweet, re-tweet, temporarily ignore the selected user, and view a thumbnail display of the profile picture of each user.

Final ideas

All in all, Witty proposes a simple software solution and comes bundled with several handy features for helping you get control over your Twitter account from the comfort of your desktop, and can be configured by rookies and professionals alike.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Witty and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂