A Minimalist and Easy to Use Mac Os X Security Tool that Enables You to Protect Any Application with A Master Password that Will Be Required at Each Launch.

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Cisdem AppCrypt is an uncomplicated macOS utility that offers you the possibility to block the access to certain apps installed on your computer.

Cisdem AppCrypt might prove to be a useful tool if you share your Mac with other users, and you want to make sure nobody messes up the settings of specific apps.

Easy to set up a security tool that can lock particular apps

Right off the bat, when you first launch the Cisdem AppCrypt app you must define the app’s master password: it will be required to access the app’s main window or the locked apps. Note that Cisdem AppCrypt must be running at all times to actually keep you protected.

Moreover, you must make sure to manually close the app’s main window: if not, anyone can take an app off the locked list.

However, after you close the window, even if the app continues to work in the background, you will be prompted for the master password before you are granted access to the configuration panel again.

Note that Cisdem AppCrypt also allows you to disable the associated status bar menulet and define a system-wide hotkey for activating the configuration panel.

Effortlessly create a custom list of locked apps

Finding your way around the Cisdem AppCrypt app proves to be somewhat intuitive: just use the Add App button to lock an app of your choice, and browse the right-side panel to view a list with failed launch attempts.

The Cisdem AppCrypt utility automatically adds to the list of protected apps system tools such as the Activity Monitor, the Terminal, the System Preferences, or the Console.

Each time the Cisdem AppCrypt master password is typed incorrectly, Cisdem AppCrypt registers the date and time, the name of the app that triggered the alert, and a photo captured with the built-in iSight camera.

In addition, via the Cisdem AppCrypt Preferences, you can schedule to automatically disable the app’s master password for distinct periods of time. The app will also quit the protected applications when your Mac goes to sleep.

A user-friendly security solution that can help you protect specific apps

Cisdem AppCrypt has been designed for people that share their Mac with others: the app allows you to block access to certain apps, making sure that your settings will not be modified by anyone.

At the same time, you can ensure that a number of utilities will not be accessed without your consent (games, social media apps, and so on).

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂