Analysis Tool that Can Help You Correct the Picture Background and Calculate Various Parameters Related to The Images’ Colocalization

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CoLocalizer Pro delivers a collection of image analysis tools that can help you perform quantitative colocalization calculations, while also being able to correct the background to make sure the results are accurate.

The CoLocalizer Pro app can work with stacks of pictures, but you get to examine and perform adjustments on a single slice before applying the configuration to the entire collection.

Colocalization analysis tool that can import images from USB connected microscopes

The CoLocalizer Pro application is able to work with popular image file formats, such as PNG or JPG, so you can easily open and preview their content in its main window. To get more viewing space, the app allows you to toggle the visibility of the slices panel.

Within the CoLocalizer Pro main window, you get to zoom the image in or out, rotate the picture to the left or to the right, or flip it vertically or horizontally. Moreover, CoLocalizer Pro allows you to merge two image files, or to spit the current picture based on color channels.

Worth mentioning is that CoLocalizer Pro can load images and image stacks from any device connected to your Mac. As a result, you get to start analyzing pictures grabbed with your digital microscope right away.

Perform colocalization calculations and apply different types of ROI

To make sure the CoLocalizer Pro estimates are accurate, the app comes with various presets designed to help you correct the background and remove any unwanted pixels.

Once the source image is ready for analysis, in the Colocalization panel you get to calculate the image ROI, the scattergram ROI, or choose to reveal colocalization pixels.

The CoLocalizer Pro app can determine the correlation, colocalization, and overlap coefficients come with multiple selection tools and allow you to change the color employed to highlight colocalization pixels.

Examine image stacks and perform quantitative colocalization analysis in a professional manner

To sum up, CoLocalizer Pro offers you the possibility to review data captured in image stacks and provides the appropriate tools for performing an expert colocalization analysis.

The results can be exported to PDF or HTML files, so you can share or present your discoveries with ease.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂