Time Tracking Application that Can Help You Record Your Activity in An Unobtrusive Manner and Allows You to Export the Data to The Csv Format

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Daily aims to provide a time tracking system that is both easily accessible and does not require too much user interaction. The utility can monitor your activity and will ask you periodically what you are working on.

Time tracking tool that sports and intuitive workflow and automatically records your activity

To help you get started, on the first launch, Daily takes you through a small presentation that covers all the essential functions. This way, you get to learn how to make new entries, manually add or subtract time, navigate between the daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view, and more.

Daily offers you the possibility to quickly define new projects but also presents you with the list of already established ones so that you can select any of them with ease.

At the same time, Daily will also keep track of how much time you spent in front of the computer, and when you started or stopped working.

Establish a recording schedule, manage activities, and adjust the prompting frequency

Within the Daily Preferences window, you get to decide how often will the application inquire you to learn what you are doing, both when you are working and after inactivity periods. Daily also features an auto-apply function that works only when you are actively using the computer.

The same area includes a scheduler tool that, when active, will make Daily record your activity only through certain times of the day. The scheduler allows you to set custom intervals for each day of the week, including weekends.

For your convenience, Daily also allows you to manage the list of predefined activities, to avoid manually entering project names while working. What’s more, Daily comes with predefined hotkeys (you get to change the keyboard combinations) for some of the most frequently used functions.

Streamlined activity tracking tool that allows you to feed the data to third-party apps

To sum up, Daily resides in your status bar and offers you the possibility to record how much time you spend working on particular projects. The app queries you periodically about what you are doing, yet makes the data input process extremely straightforward.

On the other hand, the data recorded by Daily can be exported using the CSV format, which means that it can easily be imported to third-party apps that deal with more complex project tracking or billing tasks.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Daily for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂