Status Bar Menu Application that Delivers Streamlined Control Over Your Laravel Forge Servers and Helps You Deploy Websites with The Same Ease

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The Laravel Forge service provides support for deploying PHP applications and managing cloud servers running on different online hosting services, such as AWS, DigitalOcean, or Linode.

F-Bar connects to the service and offers you the possibility to manage everything through the status bar. The utility can establish SSH connections, reboot the server, deploy websites, and more.

Connect to your Laravel Forge account and review the servers list

Right off the bat, the F-Bar app prompt you to input the API key for your Laravel Forge account: the alert message can direct you to the F-Bar Quickstart guide provided by the developer. Note that the API key is included in your Laravel Forge profile page.

Once you get the API key, you need to navigate to the Laravel Forge Preferences window and input the data in the appropriate panel. Note that you get to input multiple API keys, hence connect more than one Laravel Forge account at the same time.

F-Bar will list all the servers associated with each account in the status bar menu and help you reboot the servers or certain associated services (MySQL, Nginx, or Postgres). The app can also be used to deploy websites, adjust the Nginx and .env configurations.

Monitor the server’s status by running HTTP requests periodically

The best part is that all Laravel Forge accounts remain connected at all times and you can see the complete servers lists in the menu bar. This means that you can use the site monitoring function on all your accounts at the same time.

F-Bar can send HTTP requests at user-defined intervals and displays an alert if the response is other than 200 OK. Take into consideration that you can disable the monitoring function for a particular website.

At the same time, via the Advanced server setup panel, you can choose to hide a particular site from the menu bar and opt to see the internal IP when launching the Terminal. F-Bar employs the Terminal or the iTerm emulator to establish SSH connections.

Unobtrusive solution for monitoring and controlling Laravel Forge servers

F-Bar proposes a simple yet efficient solution for keeping an eye on multiple Laravel Forge accounts from the comfort of your status bar. You get to see all the servers associated with your accounts, deploy websites, and establish SSH connections.

The F-Bar app can monitor the server status, can reboot the server or certain associated services, allows you to configure and log the site deployments, and more.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used F-Bar for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂