Team Management Tool for Jet Brains Users, Which Facilitates Access to Apps and Services Through a Web-Based Centralized Dashboard

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JetBrains Hub provides a centralized solution for accessing all JetBrains apps and services linked to it. It can be used from a web-based interface and features password protection for administrators and members of the group, with varying degrees of permission. The admin gets to decide which user is allowed to which feature.

Hub supports Upsource, YouTrack and TeamCity installations, making it accessible via a dashboard. You can get started by configuring connection settings such as base URL, application listen port and UI language, followed by the admin username and password required for login.

Manage JetBrains apps and services from a centralized repository

The dashboard can be personalized with various widgets such as GIF cats, stack overflow, project team’s user list, or quick notes. Afterward, the dashboard widgets can be effortlessly shared with all users, registered users only, the global team, or a specific guest.

For each project included in the dashboard, you can edit general properties such as name, logo, project owner and description, as well as view and download audit events (as JSON files).

Manage projects and user permissions for remote access

It’s also possible to manage project resources such as groups, as well as to grant roles to users, like developer, observer or system admin. A search tool can be used to quickly locate people by name, user or permission.

In addition to JetBrains Hub, you can import authentication modules from Google, GitHub, GitLab, PayPal, LDAP and other services. Backups can be made automatically within any interval of time you specify.

Efficient team project management using JetBrains

Furthermore, you can study metrics like server start time, available processors, allocated and used memory, import trusted SLL certificates and key stores, start new services, as well as configure notifications via SMTP or Jabber.

Taking everything into account, JetBrains Hub offers a straightforward solution for team collaboration involving JetBrains apps and services. It’s filled with practical and intuitive settings.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used JetBrains Hub and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂