Remove Background Noise from Your Voice Calls when Using Almost Any Vo Ip Service, with An Impressive App that Can Filter Both Your Own Audio and What You Hear from Your Friends

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Anyone who has ever used a voice chat service knows just how irritating background noise can be. Things like mechanical keyboards, fans, air conditioning, pets or street sounds can make it difficult for you to understand what a person is saying, and the issue is often made worse by poor-quality microphones.

Krisp is an interesting app that provides you with a solution – it uses a neural network to recognize human speech and blocks any other noise that may be interfering with your call. It can be toggled on or off easily, and it works with both input and output audio.

Supports most voice chat services

After installing and running the app, you will see that two new input and output devices have been added to your system. These function as proxies, processing sound captured by your microphone and received from your friends to remove background noise.

To get the app to work, you need to open your voice chat application and set the Krisp microphone and speaker as the default input and output devices. Most popular conferencing services allow you to change this setting.

How the app works

Once you have configured everything, you can go ahead and start a call. The app uses the krispNet Deep Neural Network to process incoming and outgoing audio in order to reduce background noise. It is trained to recognize human voices and get rid of all other audio. With time, Krisp should get better at filtering out unwanted sounds as it becomes adapted to your voice.

You can access the app from its menu bar icon. The two filters can be toggled on or off with a single mouse click at any time, and you can also select the preferred input and output device from the main window.

Great for users who are concerned about their privacy

Naturally, you may not want the people in your conference call to hear everything that’s going on around you, as it can be quite embarrassing and even give away your location. If you’re worried about how Krisp handles your data, you should know that all audio processing occurs on your device and no sound recordings are ever uploaded.

Krisp can be a great solution for users who are struggling with background noise during their voice calls. It seems to be quite effective, and it should only get better with time. To top it off, it works with pretty much any voice chat application out there, as long as they allow you to change the default input and output devices.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Krisp for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂