Free and Straightforward Mac Os App for Changing System Icons, Clear the Icon Cache and Restore All System Icons with Just a Mouse Click

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LiteIcon is a free and minimalist macOS application that enables you to easily change the icons of system folders, applications and other types of icons in the Finder. The app is very easy to operate and offers an elegant user interface.

Easily browse for icons

As soon as you launch LiteIcon, you will see a Finder-like window that displays the categories of icons you can change and the icons from a selected category. In addition, the app offers a toolbar at the bottom to search for item names, apply the changes or canceling them.

In order to change an icon, you need to drag and drop your icon (i.e. images of various sizes and formats) onto the icon you want to change. After that, just click the “Apply Changes” button and the app will require the administrator password (if changing system icons) and a computer logout.

Change folder or app icons

There are 2 types of categories to choose from: system icons and computer icons. Furthermore, the system icons include folders (system folders and generic), the Dock, Devices, and others. Also, computer icons consist of application icons and volume icons.

The Folder icons include the well-known system folders (e.g. Home, Smart, Desktop, Documents, etc.) and the generic blue folders. The Dock icons include the Finder, Dashboard and empty/full Trash.

If you want to restore the system icons to their previous state, you can do so via the Tools menu. What’s more, the same menu allows you to clear icon cache and log out in order to apply the changes you have made.

A lightweight icon changer

To conclude, LiteIcon is a sleek and straightforward tool that functions as advertised and enables you to change the icons of most of the folders, apps, files or documents on your Mac. A simple drag-drop operation is all that it requires.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used LiteIcon for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂