A straightforward OS X utility that provides a graphical user interface for the “defaults” command that allows you to edit .plist files directly

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With the launch of the 10.8 operating system, it is no longer possible to change the .plist files in the default Library > Preferences folder. Prefs Editor is a free property list editor designed to provide a simpler alternative to quickly modify preference values on OS X Mountain Lion and up.

Simpler to use alternative to Xcode for editing application preferences files

In other words, the new caching system for app preferences, called “cfprefsd”, makes it harder to change values in the plist file in Xcode’s plist editor or other similar tools. The way around this is to use the “defaults” command, but this is quite time-consuming.

Prefs Editor works exactly like Xcode’s preference editing tool, but it also allows you to manipulate values using the CFPreferences function instead of directly editing the properties file. It also supports copy/paste and even deleting all entries simultaneously using a “Select All” option.

Nimble application preferences editor with support for automatic saving of all changes

However, Prefs Editor is not as complex as Apple’s Xcode integrated development environment, and it does not allow for changing the type of existing elements and for moving elements into different rows.

Despite that, the Prefs Editor app does come with the ability to automatically save any modification as soon as it is made. Additionally, you can insert a new Dictionary, Array, String, Number, Boolean, Date and Data elements to your properties list. Once you have made your changes you can use the Sync option from the File menu or via CMD + S.

A fast and user-friendly tool for editing preference files on a Mac

Taking everything into consideration, Prefs Editor is a reliable application preferences editor designed to help you to effortlessly modify preference values in .plist files for faster testing.

It brings back the ability to directly make changes to property files without having to rely on the not-so-speedy Xcode IDE just for editing a couple of preference files.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Prefs Editor for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂