A Scientific Research Utility for Integrating Multiple Radiotherapy Fractionation Regimens in Radiation Oncology, Biology, and Physics

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TDF Plan is a research tool intended to be used by students and professionals in oncology, biology, and physics. The utility applies linear quadratic and linear-quadratic linear models in order to determine and compare various radiotherapy regimens.

According to the developers, the TDF Plan has not been approved by official institutions such as the FDA or CE. Moreover, they point out the fact that theoretical models should not be the basis of any clinical decision.

Keep track of patients and schedule radiotherapy sessions

Within the TDF Plan application, you get to construct a patient database and store details about their condition. To help you get started, the app includes a built-in library, and you get to switch between the templates in no time.

Moreover, TDF Plan can retain details about the doctors and residents, and integrates email notification capabilities: it can automatically send alerts when a certain patient is scheduled for a radiotherapy session.

You have the option to schedule up to 8 radiotherapy courses, and TDF Plan integrates a calendar that forecasts the course development and enables you to take into account holidays when planning sessions.

A comprehensive calculator that can deal with various types of radiotherapy

TDF Plan allows you to apply either the LQ or the LQ-L radiotherapy models that can influence the schedule of the therapy sessions. The app is able to deal with multiple forms of beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy and enables you to monitor the regimens.

Moreover, TDF Plan can calculate the Biologically Effective Dose and other parameters that can help you analyze the effect of a particular dose, and compare different treatment plans.

All in all, the TDF Plan can prove to be a useful tool for radiation oncology students and professionals that want to keep track of patients and simulate various treatment plans before taking clinical decisions.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used TDF Plan for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂