Install and Configure the Phabricator Collection of Software Solutions that Aim to Help Developers Improve Their Workflow and Write Better Software

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Bitnami installers are software packages designed to streamline the deployment of open-source software. The installers can automatically deploy and configure all the required dependencies while the user has to deal with user-friendly prompts.

The Bitnami Phabricator stack is designed to deploy the Phabricator software collection that aims to help developers build better solutions and provides support for team collaboration, Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.

Quickly deploy independent Phabricator installations

Bitnami Phabricator creates a self-contained Phabricator installation that is fully configured, together with all the necessary dependencies (Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin).

The user interaction is resumed to simply following the instructions featured in the Bitnami Phabricator installer. Note that the account created during installation is required for logging into the Phabricator console.

Open source web app aimed to help software developers

Bitnami Phabricator integrates team collaboration functions and provides support for hosting Subversion, Git, or Mercurial repositories. Note that you can also connect to pre-existent repositories without having to host them locally.

The web tools can be used to review and audit code, to view commits, to monitor different features, and even reject the ones you don’t like. Phabricator includes bug tracking functions and enables you to assign them to specific developers for fixing.

Phabricator can also be used to organize projects, chat and exchange ideas with coworkers, or monitor everyone’s activity. The web app includes a command-line tool that can control most of the Phabricator’s functions and includes an API for interacting with scripts.

Install Phabricator on your Mac without worrying about dependencies

Bitnami Phabricator is a streamlined and straightforward solution for installing Phabricator on your Mac without having to make sure that you also installed and configured properly all required dependencies.

Furthermore, Bitnami Phabricator deals with everything on its own, enables you to create an account for the Phabricator web app in a user-friendly manner, and comes with a management console that helps you manage the associated servers.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Bitnami Phabricator for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂