Bitcoin Wallet Application that Offers You the Possibility to Manage Your Currency in A Safe Space and Secure All Your Transactions

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Working with cryptocurrency has become more and more popular and so has the need for secure wallets that can handle transactions without challenging the user too much.

BitPay is a small application that can help you deal with securing your bitcoin currency in a well-organized space so that even inexperienced users can perform all sorts of tasks.

Bitcoin wallet application that integrates with the Glidera exchange service

The BitPay application has been built on the Copay platform and comes with companion apps for Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, or Windows phone. Besides the personal wallet, BitPay also allows you to connect with your BitPay Visa card or buy an Amazon Gift Card.

Furthermore, BitPay can integrate with the Glidera service which means that you can buy or sell Bitcoin currency using your bank account, as long as it has been emitted by a US bank. Just connect to your Glidera account and authorize the BitPay app to control it.

Manage Bitcoin transfers with ease and streamline procedures by using the built-in QR code scanner

Within the BitPay user interface, you can both send and receive funds, or use your Mac’s camera to scan QR codes and quickly get details about payments, bitcoin addresses, and so on.

BitPay can keep all your contacts in an Address Book, is able to send email notifications, offers you the possibility to use an alternative currency of your choice or choose the Bitcoin Network Fee Policy you want to use.

Furthermore, BitPay also offers you the possibility to backup the data stored in your wallet and generates secure recovery phrases: make sure to store them in a safe place to be able to access the wallet.

Manage your Bitcoin funds with ease via an intuitive GUI

To sum up, BitPay offers you the possibility to quickly create a Bitcoin wallet and manage transactions with ease. BitPay comes with BitPay Card, Amazon, and Glidera integrations, and can handle dealing with QR codes.

BitPay works with the Full Payment Protocol to secure your transactions, and you get to protect your funds further by setting in place a system to require payments to be accepted by multiple devices.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used BitPay for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂