This Application Allows You and Your Children to Relax and Have Fun with Simple Coloring Models that Will Work Well at All Times and Under Any Stress Circumstances

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Quite often we must look for ways to relax, whether it’s by watching TV, playing video games or simply by listening to some music. One particular activity has had a growth in popularity recently, both, among adults and children, and that is coloring. You’ll find a plethora of applications dealing with coloring these days, and each has its own charm. Coloring Book from Ape Apps is a simple coloring solution. It has a couple of functions that are a tad more specific than in other programs, and it is overall great fun to play with.

The bright side …

Well, right from the start you can see your coloring options are quite vast. While the quality of the drawings themselves are not great, there are plenty to choose from. Furthermore, you have the possibility of drawing on blank paper too. The app doesn’t force you to draw using predefined models. It does leave you with quite a lot of freedom.

Apart from this, you can export your completed drawings as PNG files, and you can also directly print them from inside the app. With this in mind, either your kids or yourself will have the best way to relax for hours on end.

… And the not so bright side

On the other hand, the application does sometimes experiences lag. It has an easy to navigate menu but there are some glitches in the program. Changing brush colors is not as straightforward as it should be. Sometimes the app defaults the brush to the black color and it’s difficult to change it back to another.

Besides, another huge disadvantage, especially for kids, is that the margins of the drawings are not solid, which means you can actually go out of boundary when using models to color. This is most disappointing, as it could cause frustration.

Coloring Book is definitely one of those applications you should try just for your own relaxation. There isn’t much functionality to be extracted from it, but it could potentially help you unwind and directly contribute to an increase in your productivity, later. It’s useful, but it has some glitches and problems too. If you can easily ignore the latter, then you are all set for the time of your life.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Coloring Book and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂