MacOs System Clock Replacer that Displays a Simple Calendar when Clicked, Along with Upcoming Events, the Current Time in Other Locations, and More

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When I first transitioned from Windows to macOS, one of the things I missed most was the handy calendar that popped up whenever you clicked the system tray clock. On a Mac, however, you have to open the Calendar app to quickly check something like a date or event.

Dato is a small app that brings this useful feature to your Apple device as well. It is quite simple to configure, and it will probably leave you wondering why this tiny calendar isn’t included in macOS by default.

Can replace the default system clock

After installing the app, you need to hold the  key and move the Dato icon to the location of the built-in clock. Then, you can just go ahead and disable the system clock altogether, as the new one looks exactly the same and will serve as a replacement.

Alternatively, the app can display just a small icon in the menu bar, allowing you to use the default system clock while still taking advantage of the helpful calendar Dato provides.

Useful and highly customizable menu bar calendar

For a better idea of how the calendar looks, just check out the screenshots. It comes with dark and light themes, which are synchronized with the system theme, and you can customize just about everything about it.

For instance, the app can display the current time in multiple formats, as well as hide or show the date and week number in both the drop-down menu or menu bar.

World time and upcoming events

Given that it includes a calendar, you would expect Dato to help you manage events as well. Thankfully, it can. Upcoming events are displayed below the calendar, and you can just double-click a certain date to open it in the default Calendar app.

What’s more, Dato also offers an easy way to check the time in various other locations. You can add multiple time zones, and they will all be displayed right below the event reminders.

This app is a perfect example of a feature that really shouldn’t be missing from any OS, as it is incredibly helpful and very easy to implement. Dato makes it so much easier to check dates and upcoming events, and it offers a host of other useful features as well.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Dato for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂