A Handy Mac Os Application that Makes It Easy for You to Extend Your Mac’s Desktop Workspace Using Your iPhone or iPad As an Extra Touch Enabled Display

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Nowadays, there are quite a few applications for iOS devices that enable you to use your iOS devices as extra displays for your Mac, but the problem is, most of them work over Wi-fi. This means that the connection’s speed is directly dependent on the speed of your Wi-Fi network.

A streamlined and stylish utility designed to help you use an iPhone or iPad as an extra display for your Mac

Duet proposes a fresh approach for the matter at hand by working alongside its iOS counterpart and making it easy for you to instantly get an extra screen by enabling a direct USB (using a 30-pink dock connector or Lightning) connection between your Mac and your iOS device.

Once installed, Duet will require access to install a video driver and you will have to input your system credentials. After this is done, your Mac will require a restart, and Duet will integrate itself into the macOS status bar.

A fast and modern looking app that allows you to control macOS with your fingers

Furthermore, the development team behind Duet promise full Retina display support and 60 frames per second without any kind of glitch of lag, which is not hard to believe, USB direct connections being, after all, faster and more efficient than the usual solution for this kind of apps that work over Wi-fi.

Besides the fact that you can get an extra screen that will certainly boost your productivity, an added plus can be the fact that you can also control your apps using touch on your iOS device.

An interesting and useful tool that will probably find its way on most Macs that need extra workspace

All in all, Duet proves to be a very useful software solution for extending your Mac’s display with an iOS device, and keeping in mind that the macOS app is free and the iOS one is pretty cheap, Duet provides a less expensive and more versatile solution for expanding your workspace.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Duet for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂