A lightweight and basic utility designed from the get go to enable users to view, edit, and export RAW files in the fastest way possible

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As we speak, the software market is saturated with comprehensive photo editors that can edit and process RAW files with the help of complex editing tools.

The problem with most photo editors of this kind is the fact that they are not light on your computer’s resources and, thus, the process of rendering or loading RAW files takes quite a while.

Simplicity and speed, two words that best describe this useful application

FastRawViewer is a straightforward RAW file editor that enables you to do basic edits and tweaks to your images in order to process them in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Simplicity is at the core of FastRawViewer’s philosophy and it’s also the appropriate word to describe its user interface.

As in the case of most photo editors, FastRawViewer’s main window is composed out of a live preview panel for the loaded image that takes the biggest part of the window, a toolbar alongside the histogram on the left, while in the lower part you can find a simple editing menu.

Provides you with basic image processing tools and offers support for all modern camera models

Furthermore, FastRawViewer offers support for almost all digital cameras and RAW formats. Moreover, one of the advantages of working with FastRawViewer is the fact that you can quickly switch between RAW and JPEG mode in order to get a better understanding of how the final result might look like.

In addition, FastRawViewer offers support for white balance, exposure and image orientation adjustments, focus peaking, shadow noise level and other such tools designed to improve your workflow with RAW files.

Improve your workflow by switching from JPEG to RAW mode with just a few clicks

The real advantage that FastRawViewer has over its rivals is the speed with which it processes and renders RAW files. Once you are happy with the adjustments you’ve done to a picture, you can instantly propagate the changes to as many loaded files as you like.

Taking all things into consideration, FastRawViewer is a handy and easy to use a RAW editor that is not really designed to replace of other, more complex editors, but to be used as a pre-processing tool that will help you speed-up your RAW editing tasks with the help of its straightforward interface and lightning-fast render speeds.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used FastRawViewer for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂