A Password Manager that Offers You the Possibility to Keep Your Important Information Safe by Using Powerful Encryption Methods.

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Storing your passwords in a secure location is extremely important, no matter which type of device you are using. Keeper is a simple application designed to help you organize your passwords and safely sync them to other Macs or iOS devices.

Two-factor authentication and 256-bit AES storage encryption

Keeper comes with a strong password generator and is able to remember the new passkeys for all kinds of accounts and websites. The app is using the AES encryption algorithm to protect the data and the Keeper Cloud Security Vault to sync it to all your devices.

To make sure all your important information remains safe, Keeper is using 256-bit AES encryption for the storage, PBKDF2 encryption keys, a 2-factor authentication method and double-encrypted syncing.

Vault-to-Vault sharing designed to securely share information with other Keeper users

What’s more, by using the Vault-to-Vault sharing option, you can use Keeper to securely share specific information with anyone you like. The administrative console enables you to quickly adjust the edit and view permissions.

Note that you need both internet access and a Keeper account to be able to use the application. In addition, make sure that you always remember the master password: you must delete the Keeper Profile to set up a new master password and all stored records will be erased in the process.

At the same time, do not forget the answer to the security question: you will need to provide it each time you want to login to your Keeper database.

Full-featured secure storage database for all your sensitive information

The Keeper free account allows you to store your data only locally, while the paid version provides access to the cloud storage, backup protection, web browser management console and allows you to sync the database to all your devices.

All in all, Keeper offers you the necessary tools to keep your passwords, account details and other types of important data safe, yet accessible.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Keeper for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂