Block Sandbox Game Inspired by Minecraft that Provides an Almost Infinite Playing Area and Allows You to Play by Yourself, or Connect with Friends

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Inspired by other block sandbox games, such as Minecraft or InfiniMiner, Minetest is a fun game and engine that enables you to build anything you like in a nearly infinite universe. Check your inventory and use the available resources to create anything you like.

Voxel game that provides support for both single-player and online playing modes

Within the Minetest game, you can choose to play locally and create new worlds with the help of the built-in map generators. The game maps come with a 62000 block playing area, so you have a lot of maneuver space.

In addition, you can either create your own server or connect to some of the public servers and play with other users from all over the world. Via the game’s configuration panel you can also change the textures, or use mods to add new content.

Additional customization options include the possibility to adjust the GUI scale factor, or to toggle the activation of various effects, such as smooth lighting, 3D clouds, opaque water, connected glass, node highlighting, shaders, waving water or leaves, and so on.

Explore beautiful maps and start building your own structures

Finding your way around the Minetest game proves to be fairly intuitive: you get to see the list of the default controls or access the settings panel to define your own keybindings.

Bring up your inventory to assign tools to your shortcuts, and use them in-game any way you like. Like in any other game of this sort, your imagination is the only limit

Unleash your creativity and have fun with your friends

To conclude, Minetest is a fun voxel game that can be extended with the help of mods developed using the Lua programming language, integrates numerous customization options, and provides a significant playing area.

You get to create your own worlds locally, or connect to online servers and work together with other players. Naturally, Minetest also integrates chatting capabilities for multiplayer gaming sessions.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Minetest for Mac and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂