Conveniently Add, Edit, Remove, Clone and Manage Your Network Drives on Your Computer Using This Forthright and User-Friendly Application

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In case you need to have permanent access to a folder that is residing on another computer, server or network storage device, then one alternative to consider is mapping it. Network Drive Control is a handy utility that provides you with a quick and easy option for mapping and managing drives that you want to have access to at all times.

Quick installation and intuitive interface

Considering this is a portable application, the setup is a quick and painless process that entails decompressing the archive in any desired location on your hard drive. The program comes with a clean, organized and user-friendly UI that is unlikely to give you any troubles.

While in the upper section, you can preview the list of drives that you can manage, in the lower area you can access the settings of the application. It is worth mentioning that while the tool itself does not have limitations regarding the number of drives you can configure, there are limits that are imposed by the operating system.

Allows you to assign network drives without too much hassle

You will be happy to learn that adding a new drive is a straightforward and overall intuitive operation. To put it simply, you can add a new drive by specifying the network name, drive letter, drive path, userID, and password. Although the app comes with a couple of network name suggestions, you can add the desired name by typing it in the dedicated field.

Among the other functions you can perform with this program, you can count cloning, editing, deleting, connecting and disconnecting. At the same time, you can add the mapping start delay in minutes and specify if you prefer to run the network drive control on login.

A handy tool for managing network drives

Whether you need an efficient tool that can be recognized automatically on login or you want to have access to your drives whenever you are away from your computer, Network Drive Control could come in handy.

We at AppsForMyPC have tested and used Network Drive Control and it worked pretty smoothly 🙂 🙂